Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Are You a 24/7 Eco Warrior?

For those who truly care about the environment many consider themselves eco-warriors and work countless hours in their chosen cause. As a retired entrepreneur from the car wash business I always understood how important clean water is. As a runner I always realized how important clean air is. So am I an environmentalist by profession, observation or choice?
Well generally I do not consider myself an environmentalist at all, although my action appear to point to that? Additionally in my retirement and the author of over 6000 online articles; I will often write on environmental issues and have been called a 24/7 Eco Warrior? Do I like this title? Well it is interesting that perception one might get from their observations of my various activities.
However as far as a 24/7 Eco warrior; I am a 24/7 type of guy indeed, Eco Warrior, well I am a realist and believe in the cycles, flows and patterns of the Earth Systems and realize it will take care of its self, while the little human ants upon its surface do their thing. The issue really is that we need to be wise and not exacerbate the pendulum swings of the normal cycle flows. And we must maintain clean water and air if we want our own bio-systems to work right.
Indeed I feel the “Eco-Movement” often takes things too far and the doom and gloomers are not helping any real cause to change human behavior to prevent thru “noise canceling theory” to keep the normal frequency cycles of mother earth in line with what she has done for billions of years. I am not a Global Warming Alarmist, looking for a more balanced approach without destroying the flows of civilization to get there. I am a realist and have no problem debating in the real world, that’s where I live. Think on this in 2006 and ask yourself where do you fall on the environmental issues?

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