Thursday, February 7, 2013

4 Most Popular Board Games in The World

Board games have been popular since ancient times. They have not only proven to be great time killers but also have shown themselves as an ideal way to have fun with family and friends. Right from Scrabble to Chess, these games manage to put the skills of both kids and adults at test without costing them too much. Yes, the board games are among the affordable ways of group entertainment that can be had anywhere and anytime. Indeed, several of these games cost less than a movie show! This time, why not spend the holidays with your family and friends by gaining fun from these board games? Here are the 4 most popular board games!


This is the most popular board game that is played in several parts of the world. According to Hasbro, the game is being played in more than 100 nations in over 40 languages. It is all about earning income and building properties without being locked in the jail during the business. Played with more than 2 people, one trustworthy player acts as a banker.

Is there anyone who is not aware of this game of kings? Well, it is the game of two intelligent people who act as warriors to win the battle. Chess is played in several places right from schools to worldwide tournaments; however, it is the only board game to be acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The game has been derived from an ancient game known as Shatranj that is popular in India.

This is a classic game that is the favorite of all word lovers. The goal of the players of this game is to score maximum points by making words from the lettered tiles. More points are scored depending upon where the words are placed and how rare are the letters being used. So, it really helps in improving the vocabulary, if the players sit to play with a dictionary.

This is the game that takes its players through the different stages of life, such as school life, career life, marriage life, parental life, and retirement life. The entertaining part of this game is that you get to be director of your own life movie. Get educated, jump into the stock market, and choose your life partner but also be ready to bear the losses! Well, did you know that this game is 150-years-old?

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