Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We all know that when famous sprite Daniel Radcliffe should have been going through his growth spurt he was too busy earing $17 quintrillion to bother with, you know, growing up. Unlike Peter Pan, he's matured but – how can we put this politely – he's short. There was evidence of this everywhere last night at the Oscars, where he seemed to be the smallest person in teensy tiny Hollywood. 
He was shorter than notorious dwarf Ryan Seacrest.
 Daniel Radcliffe Ryan Seacrest
He was shorter than diminutive Entertainment Weekly editor Jess Cagle.
 Daniel Radcliffe Jess Cagle
He was shorter than both average Seth MacFarlane and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (aka, the threeway of my dreams).
 Daniel Radcliffe Oscars Opening Number
Even though she was wearing heels, Les Mis√©rables' (soon-to-be-forgotten) ingenue Samantha Barks towered over him at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

 Daniel Radcliffe Samantha barks
So, is there anyone who is actually shorter than the boy who lived (but didn't grow)? There isn't any photographic evidence of it from last night, but we have some contenders from the Oscars. 
Quvenzhané Wallis.

 Quvenzhene Wallis
Both Kristin Chenoweth and Bradley Cooper's mom.
 Kristen Chenoweth Bradley Cooper
And, of course, Ted.
 Ted Oscars

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