Tuesday, February 19, 2013

16 pounds gone! gone! gone!

Two weeks ago, I was disappointed by a small loss of only 0.8 lbs. 
Last week, I was surprised by a small gain of 0.2 lbs....

This week I am celebrating a loss of 6.4 lbs! While I am not allowing the scale to be my sole measure of success, it feels really good! I wrote a letter to myself today to read should I even think about quitting to remember all the victories, all the hard work, all the changes that I have succesfully made! As I keep saying, I cannot fail as long as I don't quit! 

These are the victories I can claim:

1. I have lost one 10 lb bags of potatoes, a 5-lb bag of sugar and 4 sticks of butter.... a total of 16 lbs!
2. I am able to fit into clothes that I could not wear six weeks ago! 
3. I was able to climb up the waterfall we visit farther than ever before and was less winded! 
4. I have enjoyed several walks with my family. 
5. I have been eating healthier!
6. I ordered a smaller t-shirt to wear at school on Earth Day because I am confident that it will fit by April! (Who knows maybe it will be too big!)
7. I have purchased a WW ActiveLink to help encourage me to be more active. 
8. Each week, I have taken small steps to help me be healthier. This week, I am committing to working out three times with a buddy so I am accountable! 
9. I have met my first goal of losing 5% of my starting weight! 

I know that I am not perfect, and that along this journey I will not always make the best choices, but you know what, I am finally okay with that! 

This time for me, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! And as long I don't quit, I CANNOT fail!

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