Wednesday, March 27, 2013

System dump unlocks Galaxy S4 content, makes it available for other phones

Galaxy S4 download
Once again the Android developer community has made sure that any feature that would make one phone unique is available on other phones. If you’ve been eyeballing the Galaxy S4, you can check out the ringtone connection, wallpapers, and even the new and improved S-Voice app on your own Android phone today.
It’s important for a manufacturer today to have some content/features that sets their Android phone apart from the others. More than one thing, usually, especially when you’re talking about the flagship phones for the year. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is all about being unique, and their press event showed off a dozen things that aren’t available anywhere else. On top of this, the phone comes with wallpapers and ringtones that are unique to the hardware.
Samsung’s 1080p Super AMOLED+ display is the first of its kind, and because of that there needs to be high definition wallpapers with brilliant colors to show that screen off. Their notification tones and ringtones are unique as well, playing into Samsung’s “inspired by nature” concepts with water droplets and a variety of high pitch, brassy ringtones. You don’t need a Galaxy S4 to get these though, now you can just download them.
Sammobile has made the S-Voice apk, all of the HD wallpapers, and all of the ringtones available to download. The files for the wallpapers and ringtones can just be added to your phone with a file manager app, while the S-Voice APK will need to be installed like an app from an unknown source. Once you’ve installed it, however, it will run just fine.
Maybe you’re a fan of colorful balloons and J.J. Abrams style lens flares, or maybe you’d like to take your phone into the store and compare screen vs screen which phone is better. A big question with any new phone is always “is it worth the upgrade” and identical wallpapers are a great way to measure some of that. The S-Voice app is pretty cool stuff, especially if you’ve only ever usedGoogle Now or Siri.
If you’re interested in a more technical understanding of how the Galaxy S4 ticks, you can take a look at the whole system image. For a mobile operating system, the Galaxy S4 system dump takes up a massive 2.2GB in its entirety. This is only really useful to those who are interested in hacking around with the Galaxy S4 code, but could yield some interesting results when the Galaxy S4 is unlocked and rooted. And if history is any indicator, that will happen shortly after the phone is launched with a CyanogenMod build for the phone not too far behind.
Since the phone comes out of the gate with Android 4.2.2, it’s possible that there will be less of an urge to see custom ROMs on the phone right away, but it’s hard to judge until the handset shows up this May.

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