Saturday, March 23, 2013

Martin Logan Mikros 70 in-ear headphones review

Honestly, I highly doubt that a Martin Logan product would be on your list if you were on the market for premium earbuds. This is understandable as the Mikros 70 is the company’s first pair of those to come to the market. However, Martin Logan’s pedigree of manufacturing high-quality speakers whose price tag can top the MSRP of a family sedan was enough to grab my attention.
Logically, the iOS products compatible Martin Logan Mikros 70 are not entry-level earbuds. Priced at $149.99, the headset sits in one of the most competitive segments on the market, with plenty of well-established players facing it. I am now going to find out if the Mikros 70 has what it takes to get its own piece of the action.
The retail package of the Mikros 70 is as premium as the product’s aspirations. The headphones come packed in a stylish black retail box with a leather case, as well as 5 sets of different ear tips bundled in.

The retail box looks quite stylish
Those of you who like understated looks will find the design of the earbuds quite appealing. The headset is made from black anodized aluminum, whose finish quietly suggests that this is not just another run-of-the-mill pair of black earbuds. The red/white colored ear tips on the other hand, are enough of a highlight to suggest the supposedly premium performance.

Martin Logan Mikros 70 live photos
Build quality is unsurprisingly great. The headphones feel extremely well put together, and ready to take plenty of daily abuse. Even an overly picky user such as myself was hard pressed to find anything to frown at.
Unfortunately, the ergonomics of the Mikros 70 were a mixed bag. While the earbuds themselves were among the most comfortable I have ever experienced due to their comfortable ear tip and mere 13.4 grams of weight, the cable and remote control were somewhat of a letdown. The headphones’ cable tangles way too easily for a product in this price range. The remote control on the other hand, requires a lot of getting used to due to its small and sturdy buttons – I found them difficult to press while on the go.
Sound is where the Martin Logan Mikros 70 excel. The earbuds pack a 6.6mm driver with a frequency response ranging between 8 and 19,000 Hz. Nominal impedance is 22 Ohms, while sensitivity comes at 98db. The aforementioned numbers translate into a superb sound. There isn’t a music style out there, which a user will not be able to fully enjoy with the earbuds. Bass is unsurprisingly great, but it is the finely balanced mid and high frequencies which truly impress. Phone calls also sounded good, as long as your carrier offers you the necessary coverage for a good-quality call.
With a $149.99 price tag, the Martin Logan Mikros 70 are anything but cheap. However, due to a combination of superb sound, build quality, and understated industrial design, the headphones offer a good alternative to the established players in the segment. For those who like to stay away from the mainstream, the Mikros 70 is worth a long look.

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