Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gartner estimates drop in PC sales for Q4 2012, points finger at tablets

Gartner has posted its estimated PC shipment results for 2012 and things aren’t bright for the good ol’ personal computer.
The company estimates that PC vendors have shipped more than 90 million PCs in Q4, 2012 which is 4.9% lower than what they managed in the same period in 2011. According to Gartner, the tablets are to blame.
The reason is simple – a large portion of the tech-oriented gift-givers have turned their attention to slates, rather than full-fledges PCs this Christmas season. And whp could blame them considering the likes of the piggy-bank hugging Nexus 7.
On top of that, Gartner reckons a single PC is enough for the needs of a family and its members, who gladly share it for quick work-related tasks and then focus on their tablets or laptops for media consuming.
Out of all major PC vendors only Lenovo and Asus managed to better their last year’s PC sales by 8.2% and 6.4%, respectively.

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